Thursday, February 16, 2012

Download flash video from any website

Tutorial is for Firebug extension (works with Opera Dragonfly and Chrome Inspector too).
  1. Open Firebug
  2. Select Net tab and enable if it's disabled (other mentioned browsers have Network tab)
  3. If you see any text, click Clear
  4. Reload the page and play the flash video if it doesn't load automatically
  5. You can find wanted file by: it's extension, it's size, it's loading time.
  6. Right click on it, select Open in New Tab.
  7. You can see the wanted flash video and Ctrl+S to save it.
    If you want to see only the video request, you can try clearing Firebug request log as in step 3 and move video cursor to some other position and then move it to the very beginning of video (or otherwise you'll end up downloading a video starting from the last position you chose). You can convert flash videos to other formats with ffmpeg tool.

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